About Us


Where talent and ingenuity connect.

“Avante” means “forward.”

As a specialized recruiting firm, our goal at Avante is to help both employers and employees do exactly that.

Founders of Avante, Drew Kelly and Nicole Jose, launched the company in 2021 because they had a new vision for talent solutions.

Why not provide exceptional client service in a more efficient and cost-effective way, while having fun doing it?

With their collective experience in staffing, recruitment, business development, and human resources, Avante combines deep industry knowledge and relationships, leading technology, and a proven process that drives transformational results.

We have a passion for what we do and believe in purposeful connections between people, places and ideas.

For both employers looking to hire and talent looking for opportunities, your success is our success, and Avante is committed to moving you FORWARD.


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Why Work With Avante?

Finding qualified talent can be time-consuming. We have access to a broad network of industry connections and high level tools and resources. We scour the market for the best talent to ensure the right fit based on your specific needs. We take on the arduous task and take the pressure off you, which means you get your time back to focus on other areas of your business.

Being in this business, you’re only successful if you have an innate passion and care for people. Our qualifications and experience aside, we love what we do, and are dedicated to making the lives of our clients better.

We are accommodating, easy to work with, and readily accessible. We work tirelessly and take the time to understand your challenges, objectives, and criteria. We understand that urgency is key, so we move at a rapid pace and empower our team to make decisions on the fly.

Meet Our Team

Drew Kelly

Growing startups to Fortune 500 industry leaders have relied on Drew as a go-to resource for top project/consulting and sourcing permanent talent. With a proven record of success, he has successfully served hundreds of top clients throughout New York, New Jersey and New England.

Early on and throughout his career, Drew realized that the key to success in this industry is simple – clients’ needs ALWAYS come first. It is through providing excellent service, working with integrity, and the willingness to go above and beyond, that he has cultivated a network of strong relationships throughout his career.

Drew has expertise in interim, contract, and direct-hire staffing and search. His experience spans a wide range of verticals, including Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Engineering, however, he has spent the majority of his career fully immersed in Accounting and Finance.

Drew recently managed an office for a large global firm where he was responsible for driving revenue across multiple divisions. It’s here that he met future business partner, Nicole Jose, who ultimately helped him launch Avante.

Although Nicole has to keep him in check sometimes, Drew’s favorite word is still “yes.” He has a passion for this industry and a strong desire to improve lives along the way

Nicole Jose

For Nicole, there is no greater feeling than offering someone a job who is most deserving of it. She understands how life-changing the right opportunity can be, and is committed to making these transformative connections.

With over a decade managing teams, Nicole found enjoyment and fulfilment in the sourcing, interviewing, and hiring of employees. For her, the challenge wasn’t the training or leadership behind the role, it was finding the right candidate for the job.

Throughout her career, she has learned that the right employees and the strategic hiring efforts to find the most qualified candidates were vital to a company’s success.

With a natural entrepreneurial drive and a determination to make positive changes in the workforce by assisting organizations with their talent solutions, Nicole was lucky enough to cross paths with a brilliant and experienced staffing professional in Drew. After only working together for a short time, she somehow convinced him to take a chance on her.

The goal to strive higher and be better led Nicole here to Avante, where it is all about moving people forward.

And while she may have to keep Drew in check from time to time, she is grateful to have a business partner that values her opinions and respects her as a human being.

Our innovative talent solutions process…


Builds and fosters connections


Exceeds expectations


Creates meaningful change


Empowers and energizes both employers and job seekers

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Our core values

We are driven to help you succeed through the following:

Core Values


We are passionate about our business and our people. We approach our work with ingenuity and strong dedication. This means that we work tirelessly for our clients to provide the best match to meet your specific talent needs.



We put your needs first and foremost. We are present and proactive at every step of the process, able to take the pressure and demands off your plate. We operate with integrity and strive to do our very best to earn your trust and confidence.



We work diligently to listen to and understand your needs. We pursue excellence and strive to exceed your expectations. We are committed to the highest ethical standards in everything we do and deliver on our promised results.



We dare to do something out of the ordinary and break away from your typical firm. We will go out on a limb for you to find the best match of talent to meet your needs. We will pursue all avenues necessary and deliver results with a unique style.


Connections at every turn

In addition to the “forward” meaning behind our company name, we have also incorporated the Delta symbol as part of our logo. In the Greek alphabet, a Delta stands for “difference” or “change” – both of which we are committed to bringing for employers and job seekers.

We’re elevating and reimagining the traditional recruitment process with the network, technology, commitment, and spirit to move your goals forward.

Curious about how our recruiting solutions can move you forward?